brave love

a nurse’s story of courage and compassion in a kenyan hospice


Honoring Life.
Offering Hope.

We believe every person is created in the image of God. In Kenya, we honor life by providing quality care to patients and families facing advanced disease.

Who we are

We are a global community working together to provide dignity and quality of life to people in Kenya affected by life-threatening illnesses through holistic care and education. Here’s our model:

Provide Patient Care

We increase access & affordability of palliative care services to adults and children in Kenya.

Build Relationships

We strengthen our services and effectiveness of our reach through local relationships and international partnerships.

Strengthen Health System

We work alongside our colleagues at the community, Kenyan health authority, and global advocacy levels to demonstrate what is possible in hospice & palliative care.

Financial Sustainability

We develop income generating businesses that are aligned with Living Room’s mission to increase financial sustainability in our communities.

Why Palliative Care?

What we do

We offer holistic care to men, women and children suffering from life-threatening illnesses, which includes pain and symptom management, nutrition, physical therapy, and psychological and spiritual support.

Living Room has two in-patient facilities, a funeral home, and home-based care programs in Western Kenya.

One Day Partner

Love with us. Every day.

Join our community of monthly One Day partners standing in solidarity with patients needing hospice care. Your $25 monthly donation can give a Living Room patient one day of care each month.