Why We Care

Addressing the growing need for better health care in East Africa

Kenya’s Cancer Care Need at a Glance

The cancer incidence burden is expected to rise to over 85% in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030. (Lancet Oncol.)
Lancet Oncology
Of cancer patients diagnosed at advanced stages (stage III or IV), when treatment for cure is difficult to achieve.
Ministry of Health, Kenya
The annual incidence of cancer in Kenya is about 28,000 new cases with an annual mortality of 22,000 cases, that is, 78.5% of the victims do not survive.
Lancet Oncology
Cancer is the third leading cause of death in Kenya.
Ministry of Health, Kenya

What Drives Us

Guided by the belief that every person is created in the image of God, Living Room’s work is much more than simply treating a disease.We are caring for a person holistically. Race, tribe, religion, educational level and the ability to pay do not do not determine a person’s value and thus, do not interfere with the care provided by the Living Room team.  Our goal is to achieve the best quality of life for individuals and families facing advanced disease.

In Their Words

Testimonials from Kimbilio Hospice guests & families