Honoring Life. Offering Hope.

A glimpse at our work.

What we do

Addressing the growing need for quality health care in East Africa.

Living Room is guided by our desire to relieve suffering, offer hope, and honor the lives of those patients entrusted to us. We aim to impact the healthcare system in East Africa through our work of providing premium level care, resources for palliative care education and quality training for healthcare providers.

Our work in action

Guests not Patients

We hold a deep belief that every person is made in the image of God and therefore deserves to be welcomed with honor and treated with the very best care.

Kimibilio Care Centers

Kiswahili for refuge, our care centers are a place of peace where the sick and weary are met with compassion and care.

Kimbilio Funeral Home

Compassion and comfort. Two genuine attributes our Living Room care team provide to loved ones during their time of loss and grief.

Community Engagement

Continued communication and reliance on community chiefs to be source of support and care for our neighbors.

Government Collaboration

Teaming up with local & national leadership, we are bridging the gap between those in need and officials who can help advocate policy and change.

International Partnerships

Hospitals, universities & churches around the world are helping grow awareness of our mission.

Provide Education & Training

We ensure that our caretakers are able to provide care through premier education and relevant training.

Promote Research

We continue to learn, invite industry leaders to share, and seek cutting-edge methods for providing the best care.

Positive Model

We are a model of authentic care-taking and a premium healthcare facility in Kenya.

Employment Opportunities

We provide dozens of job opportunities at facilities for over 100 people within our own community.

Stimulate Local Commerce

We are a catalyst for new revenue in small, local businesses.

Our Locations

Living Room Hospital

Eldoret, Kenya

  • 49 bed inpatient care center
  • Public, semi-private & private rooms
  • Physical therapy
Kimbilio, Kipkaren

Kipkaren, Kenya

  • 26 bed inpatient hospice
  • Physical therapy
  • Administration
Kimbilio Funeral Home

Kipkaren, Kenya

  • Bereavement & family counseling
  • Postmortem services
  • Memorial facility 
Home-based Care


  • Home visit caretakers
  • Community outreach
  • Education

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Advocate, experience & partner with us in our mission.