What does it look like to love every second of every day?

For the last five years, Florence has served Living Room as a social worker. She cares for our guests and their families through practical and authentic ways. We are thankful for Florence and our entire Living Room team for their hearts to serve and love all of God’s people.

One day is 86,400 seconds.

What it might look like to love each second of every day?

Over the next year, we want to share their stories and give you a glimpse into the power of our loving work which happens every day. We invite you to make every second count—to love with us everyday. With your help, we will provide a refuge of honor and hope.

How it works...

$25 USD covers the cost of patient care for one day including staffing, medicine and food. We asking 1000 partners to give $25 a month to ensure premium care for all of the guests who will come through our doors. When you give, we will share the story of the guest that you are directly serving that day.

Living Room Staff

Cover the cost of staff required to provide premium health care services.


Provide the necessary medicine and medical supplies needed for each guest.


Feed our guests sustainable meals for everyday.

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Make a monthly promise.

Partner with Living Room for the next year by committing to $25 a month to provide care for one full day for a guest in need.