As Jean Vanier writes, “the journey of life becomes meaningful through love.”

There is a child at Kimbilio Hospice whose presence, day by day, whispers this truth to me. He is leading me, once again, to what matters most and reminding me that the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

Emmanuel, a seven year old boy, came to Living Room months ago barely hanging on to life. His story, as I’ve shared before, was marked with unbelievable tragedy.

Orphaned. Poor. Sick. Lame. Mute.

These were the easy to see realities. But buried beneath all of his brokenness was a child longing for love and acceptance.  A child who, beyond what any of us could have imagined, would come back to life. He would learn to sit and crawl and we pray, one day, walk again. He would relearn to speak with such articulation, calling each of the staff and guests by name. He would play again, not without limitations, but as any child should. He would thrive within the compassion of a loving team who was willing to fill in the gaps for so much that had been lost.

When I sit with Emmanuel, I am thankful for the ways his story is being transformed, for the miracles that have taken place at Kimbilio Hospice. I am humbled by the honor that we have been given to be a refuge for this little boy whose life and name declares that surely, God is with us.

Sincerely, Juli

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