In a world full of so many hard things, I am grateful for an opportunity to share some good news today from Living Room in the form of three photographs. These snapshots represent three stories capturing the power of dreams and the beauty in love.

Jacob Ananda, a long time patient of Kimbilio Hospice, returned today as an employee of Living Room. Until recently, Jacob would have told you that he was a “former teacher” but today he came back to be Linda’s private tutor. Linda, also a long time guest, is slowly healing from her extensive physical and emotional wounds. In many ways, Jacob and Linda’s stories parallel one another; and on so many levels, they need each other.

As of Saturday, we celebrated with our son, Ryan, 100 days being post-transplant. Day 100 is a milestone our transplant team at UCLA has often referred to as the time when the greatest risk for critical side effects is past and when the stem cells have engrafted and begun making new blood cells. For all of the healing and new life happening in our baby, we give thanks! We rejoice as we also prepare for brother’s transplant to begin in about a month.

Is this not beautiful? Construction of Living Room’s Kimbilio Care Center in Eldoret is moving forward well and scheduled to be completed in fall of 2018.  It is our prayer that this center will always be a place of refuge, known for its compassion and hope.

THANK YOU! Because of your support, you are helping to make Living Room’s work and these stories possible.


Sincerely, Juli