The vision and prayer of Living Room has always been to create a place of refuge for all who enter our doors; and for little Joyline, nearly two years old, that is exactly what she needed. Joyline, an otherwise healthy toddler, was on the verge of starvation. Hungry for far-too-long, she had lost her appetite and any drive to eat. Joyline had no energy to make noise or to fuss about her condition. Her milestones of toddlerhood had regressed from walking and talking to little movement at all. She was chubby, but it was a terrible sign of her advanced malnutrition.

Joyline entered into our doors barely hanging onto life.

Joyline’s mama had been referred to Living Room from a nearby HIV treatment center. She was looking for help and was unsure of where to find it. Life had become harder than she knew how to handle, and she desperately needed her child to have another chance at life. Our team welcomed Joyline and her mother and began to care for Joyline’s body and spirit.

As we offer Joyline her frequent therapeutic feedings, we pray she will grow and develop. As we hold her in our arms, we ask God to revive the brokenness in Joyline’s spirit and for wisdom in how to best assist and empower Joyline’s mother. As we long for the day when there will be no hunger and there will always be enough, we pray for generosity and compassion to ever be growing within our hearts.

Thank you, friends, for standing with us at Living Room. Your love and prayers enable us to continue in this loving work.

Sincerely, Juli