Check out this short film documenting the Boits’ journey of healing.

Dear Friends,

As my family prepares to return to our beloved home and work in Kenya, our tender hearts are full. Of awe and wonder at the impossible being done. Of gratitude for the vast community that has accompanied us every step of the way. Of grit from the unyielding courage that has been required to endure the slow and hard battle for life and healing. Of joy for two little boys who no longer have sickle cell disease. Of trust in the God who has heard our prayers, even the silent ones.

Our love for Geoffrey and Ryan  and the hope of their cure led us to Los Angeles on September 18th, 2017. My mind and heart was ready for the healing to be completed but less than prepared for the long road of uncertainty that has filled the transplant journey. “Making space” was a phrase first lent to us on the day Ryan began chemotherapy. His doctors used it to describe the process of getting Ryan’s body ready to receive his sister’s bone marrow. Making space was a hard and necessary part of our boys’ healing. For them as well as for me.  It was costly on so many levels but has also afforded me the opportunity, as the prayer of Teilhard de Chardin tells, to grow to trust in the slow work of God.

On January 1st, 2019, 471 days after we left Kipkaren, my family will arrive to our small village on the other side of the globe. No doubt, we will be welcomed with singing and dancing by friends and family to celebrate all that God has done. We will finally get to witness the beauty of the new Kimbilio Care Center in Eldoret with our own eyes. We will begin a new year of living, loving and dreaming alongside our Living Room team in Kenya. Chasing after the things we believe matter to God. Practicing what this season has taught us about the ways we desire to care for patients and their families. Daring boldly to say ‘yes’ to all God puts before us – all for the glory of God and the love of our neighbors.

What I know to be true is there is much important work still ahead of us at Living Room. Please consider standing with Living Room once more here in these final weeks of 2018. If you have already sent a year-end gift, thank you so much! If not, your gift will enable us to care for more patients in need of hospice care in 2019! You can give online. Or you can make a check payable to Living Room and mail it to PO Box 992094, Redding, CA 96099-2094. For 2018 tax credit, checks must be postmarked by December 31st. Thank you!

With love, Juli Boit