“…love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about

it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.”

– Bob Goff 

Love does. Sharon first stepped foot at Kimbilio Hospice in November 2012 – she was 9 years old. Referred from a clinic 45 miles away, she came because of malnutrition and poor drug adherence. After a few months, Sharon was well enough to go home; however, home was in the care of her very sick mother. Nine months later, Sharon’s mother returned her to Kimbilio – in the same state as when she first came, needing nourishment and someone to regularly administer her medication. Our team wanted to admit Sharon’s mother as well, she was so sick, but she desired to go home. That was the last time Sharon saw her mother, as shortly after she passed away. Sharon remained in the loving care of our team, who soon became family. Love does. After four years of care, Sharon was stable enough to undergo a much needed reconstructive surgery on her hand, which was severely burned as a young child.

Now 14 and healthy enough to return to school, our team knew we needed to continue caring for Sharon by offering her a quality education. Love does. Thus, our outreach team enrolled her in a nearby private, Christian school in January. She boards at the school with many other children and has done well in the transition. Sharon loves school and is doing well academically in 3rd grade. In May, her class went on a field trip to Kisumu (a 4-hour bus drive), where they visited Lake Victoria, learned about the fishing industry, and experienced some of the traditions of another tribe in Kenya, the Luos – a journey she will not forget.

We are grateful for the opportunity God has given us to love Sharon. And the opportunities to love continue. There are 13 orphans and vulnerable children in our outreach program who are still in need of an educational scholarship. Each with their own story. Each giving us the privilege to love. Love does. We welcome you to join us in loving them by giving the precious gift of education. If you are interested, please email me at: atarus@livingroominternational.org for more details.


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