A message from Caroline, Clinical Officer at Kimbilio Hospice, about caring for her sister, Gladys.

Dear Friends,

I never knew that by offering myself to help patients at Kimbilio Hospice, I would one day need to provide this care for my own sister, Gladys – the one I loved the most.

My 23 year old sister’s cancer experience has taught me again just how important managing pain is. Gladys was very sick with bone cancer and suffered greatly both physically and emotionally. We had been in and out of hospitals trying to get the treatment Gladys needed; but when we brought her to Kimbilio, my sister was very happy and loved it because she was no longer a burden to anyone.

As a family, we are really grateful to God that we knew about Kimbilio Hospice as it has been a source of hope to all of us. Before her recent passing, what Gladys loved most about Kimbilio is that it made her heart at peace. Gladys no longer had the sadness and pain she used to have at home.

As Gladys had written in her journal, “My home is in heaven. I am just traveling through this world.”

Thank you so much and may God bless Kimbilio Hospice.

Caroline Jemesunde

Clinical Officer, Kimbilio Hospice

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