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Living Room Ministries International (LRMI), founded in 2009, is registered as a NGO in Kenya and a 501(c)3 in the United States.  It was birthed from the work of Tumaini na Afya (Kiswahili for hope & health), a community-based HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment program that was Pcreated in 2004 in Western Kenya, previously under the auspice of Empowering Lives International (ELI), a related NGO operating in the same area.  Initially, Tumaini na Afya focused its efforts on mobilizing people in rural villages for HIV testing and treatment, trainings on HIV prevention, and home-based care for people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans.

In 2008, we engaged in a battle we did not initially set out to fight.  What started as an isolated situation of creating a treatment center, a home of sorts, for two HIV+ orphans gave birth to the dream of Living Room and specifically, Kimbilio (Kiswahili for refuge) Hospice.  These children’s emaciated bodies and desperate cries stirred our team with a compassion that would not be satisfied until it was put into action.  Flovia and Felix were started on a special formula and fed every two hours, day and night.  Within days, they began to grow.  At 2 ½ years old, Flovia learned to walk and to speak in two languages.  With her playful spirit, she captured hearts.  Felix was a one year old who weighed a mere nine pounds.  What a beautiful sound it was when he first laughed.  To our great loss, after six weeks of treatment, Felix went into respiratory failure and passed away.  His death left a void within all who had the privilege of caring for him.  While we grieved Felix’s death, we celebrated Flovia’s life.  After encountering countless others like Flovia and Felix, who were in desperate need of palliative care, Living Room was registered and Kimbilio Hospice was created to be a home with the aim of offering palliative care services within the community.  Since its inception, Living Room has reached out to many among our community who are not only faced with terminal illnesses but also lack the love and care that signify human dignity.

Our Vision

To create a community of compassion that honors life and offers hope.

Our Belief

Every person was created in the image of God. More than treating a disease, we care for a person—physically, psychosocially, and spiritually.

Our Ministry

Extend quality physical, psychological & spiritual care, Support to families with dying loved ones…