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APU PT Team 2 – Beads of Beauty

This past weekend I was given a beautiful blue and white necklace. It is made of thousands of beads. At first glance it is stunning – it sparkles with each turn. Then if you look closely you see each separate bead that makes up the whole. Each bead a beautiful sphere on its own. Each bead cannot be called a necklace but all together it is a thing of beauty.

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The story of Emmanuel

A seven year old child named Emmanuel recently came to Kimbilio Hospice in dire need of medical support, physical therapy, and all of the love and care that our Living Room team could give. Emmanuel is a little boy who has faced much hardship since the time of his birth.

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APU PT Team – Umoja

28th August, 2016
August is the month of unity for The Living Room staff.
Our trip is coming to an end, and ‘umoja’ best explains the summation of our time here in Kenya. Unity of staff at The Living Room, of people in the community, and of members of families has opened … read more

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22nd August, 2016
During the course of the last couple of days in Kenya, the physical therapy students have been treating a lot of people in various settings. These settings include outpatient orthopedics, pediatrics, and hospice care. What the students have found is that 90% of the population has … read more

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APU Physical Therapy Team

The people of Kenya are very different from us Americans.

The people of Kenya are fluid. They thrive without a plan for their day. They take whatever comes their way and run with it.

We Americans like structure. Our Google Calendar keeps us going.

The people of Kenya have immense joy with almost none of the 1st world “necessities” we have.

Yet, we are still similar.

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From Cairo to Capetown

This Saturday, May 14th, Mike Hobin, a friend of Living Room, will complete his four month, 7,500 mile journey of riding his bicycle from Cairo, Egypt to Capetown, South Africa. He has been riding all of these miles to raise awareness and funds for Living Room! Mike and his wife, Mary, … read more

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8 brothers and sisters

Yesterday morning, seven brothers and sisters sat in a row on a wooden bench facing us. Several members of our Living Room team had traveled to a home in a nearby village to care for these children whose mother had died while giving birth to their little brother two weeks ago. Her freshly dug grave was all I could see in the landscape behind them.

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A time and season

There is a time and season, the Scriptures say, for everything under heaven. In this season, I am mindful of the vision God gave me seven years ago to create Living Room, a community of compassion that honors life and offers hope. In more ways than I ever dreamed, this vision is being fulfilled. Kimbilio Hospice is full of men, women, and children receiving quality end-of-life care.

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Spokenya Team – Our Final Day

It is surreal to think that our time here in the village of Kipkaren is coming to an end. I am so proud of the amazing team I have been privileged to be a part of. We came here as a group of individuals that knew one another but after our time here we now are leaving as an extended family forever bonded by our experience.

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Spokenya Team Day 11

Thursday, 9:15pm here in Kenya.  The evening is quieting down in the guesthouse, however outside the crickets are joyfully making their songs. Our friendly rooster is quiet so far this evening.  As mentioned in an earlier blog by my teammate, the rainy season has started some.

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