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Monthly Archives: April 2010

House of rest.

Stephen was a rare and gracious man who allowed the Living Room team to care for him during his last days on earth. He was referred to our hospice home, Kimbilio Center, from the nearby HIV clinic; however, unlike a majority of the patients treated in the clinic, he was … read more

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A day filled with questions.

How do you tell an unsuspecting 13 year old girl that she just tested positive for HIV? How do you respond to the cries of a mama who comes to your home early in the morning asking for assistance with school fees for her son? How do you encourage the … read more

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Narrow path

A few weeks ago, I got to travel to one of my favorite places on earth—the Kakamega rainforest in Western Kenya. In truth, it is a place where I find rest and peace. One morning, as I walked through the magnificent rain forest, beauty was everywhere. I felt surrounded … read more

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