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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Vantage Point Team-Final Update

Jambo!  It has been a little over a week now since our return to the States and although it is wonderful to be back with our family and friends, we find ourselves missing the beautiful land and beautiful people of Kipkaren, Kenya.  As many of us were saying our goodbyes to our new family or brothers and sisters in Christ, we were already making plans in our head of how we will return one day.

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Vantage Point Team Update #9

(written on July 1, 2013)

Jambo to our friends and loved ones,

As our time in Kenya comes to a close, the memories and friendships we have made here will always be close to our hearts. Our last day at Kimbilio Hospice was bittersweet as we spent precious time with the guests, working closely with the wonderful staff, and visiting former guests that live in the community. We started the day joining the Kimbilio staff in devotions and worshipping the Lord in their beautiful language, Swahili. Even though we do not understand the language, Pastor James’ love for the Lord is evident through the passion behind his words.

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The Mother of Living Room

Often referred to as the “mother of the home,” Rachel Ototo is an answer to prayer.  She is the Clinical Director of Kimbilio Hospice, entrusted to lead in providing quality palliative care services—ensuring that every detail is in place to carry out the care plan for each patient, including proper staff, equipment, supplies, and medication

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Vantage Point Team Update #8

Thus far we have all been out of our element but have never felt away from home.  We have been blessed by our opportunity to serve here as we have had the pleasure of truly serving God’s people. It has also been a great time for each of us to individually do Bible study, introspect, and to grow in our walk. A few things about Kenya that I want to share: 1. It is very green where we are and no lions run rampant here, 2. We are the second take that people look at in passing, and 3. This is truly where God’s heart resides and it can only be experienced.

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