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Spokenya Team Day 11

March 10, 2016

Thursday, 9:15pm here in Kenya.  The evening is quieting down in the guesthouse, however outside the crickets are joyfully making their songs. Our friendly rooster is quiet so far this evening.  As mentioned in an earlier blog by my teammate, the rainy season has started some. It can really pour down hard, but usually doesn’t last more than an hour or two.  We are learning a little what the roads would be like in the rainy season.  Our driver coming home this evening, said he didn’t think it would rain tonight; I hope he is right as we are planning to get up and head out at 0545 to catch a Kenyan sunrise tomorrow.

Today was spent with 2 of our team, Marilyn & Robin going out on home visits to see 3 or 4 patients. They had an exciting interval on the way home, stopping near the Hospice compound to see the building of a new bridge over the Kipkaren River that vehicles will be able to navigate. Our fearless team leader, Robin, actually walked half way across the footbridge over the Kipkaren River.  Jim, Lisa, Beth, Ali, Linda and myself remained at Kimbilio.  Some did more rounds with the staff team to do wound care and discussions re: care decisions. Many of us worked off and on during the day to complete as much as possible, the re-organizing of two supply closets.  Robin, Linda, Beth and myself attended the funeral of a Kimbilio Hospice guest who died last week; Linda having had the opportunity to be involved with his care and support to his family.  It was moving to attend this funeral and see the wonderful work being done by the staff at the Funeral Home, which is adjacent to Kimbilio Hospice.  We ended the day at Kimbilio with Linda & Lisa presenting an in-service with more to follow tomorrow.

We shared our evening meal at the guesthouse again with our House hosts, as well as David & Allison and their 2 children, Juli and her daughter Ella. We continue to share comments each evening about the graciousness of the Kenyan people, their smiles and open hearts. Yesterday, I also attended the 2nd widow support group and as I arrived was told I would be delivering the message that day. I was able to share with them for 15 to 20 minutes and then had the privilege of hearing the stories of 4 of the other widowed women. I am still so humbled at how they support each other and learn how to provide for their families under circumstances that few of us at home could comprehend.  Tomorrow will be our last day at Kimbilio. It is hard to believe how fast the time has gone by and all the experiences we have had. I believe we all feel that we have learned far more than we taught them.  We are thankful for God’s grace over us all throughout this time. Robin will be writing the final blog of Spokenya Hospice Missions team tomorrow.


Hugs from women at the Widows Support Group

A beautiful Kenyan sunrise

5:45am wake up call for team bonding to watch the was worth it!

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